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You may also be able to find alcohol addiction treatment near you by visiting the SAMHSA treatment locator. “When you drink you can experience blurry vision because alcohol can cause a delay between the brain and the eyes; your reactions naturally slow down and reflexes become slower. So this affects your pupils too, making it more difficult to distinguish between objects based on brightness. Heavy alcohol consumption can cause a person’s eyelids to twitch. Myokymia occurs due to the excessive amount of alcohol that slows the pupil’s reaction time.

It is important from an ophthalmologist’s point of view to have knowledge regarding the effects of these illicit drugs on the eye. Understanding their adverse effects on the eye can aid in early diagnosis and initiating appropriate treatment. The routes of administration of these drugs include oral ingestion, smoking, nasal inhalation, intravenous injection, topical application or application to other mucosal surfaces1. The changes that can be produced in the eye by toxic drugs range from mild/no symptoms to severe loss of vision and endophthalmitis resulting in a permanent loss of sight. Now that you know what the effects of over-indulgence of alcohol and long-term excessive drinking, you will be aware of how it can affect the eye and eyesight.

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Well, it’s because when a person is intoxicated, alcohol stimulates the eye muscles causing the eyelid to twitch, a condition known as myokymia. Alcohol can also cause nystagmus, a condition characterized by involuntary jerking of the eyeballs when moving horizontally or vertically. Cops are looking for these signs during a field sobriety test because they know that myokymia and nystagmus are two of the many ways in which alcohol affects the eyes. It is known to cause crystalline retinopathy by intranasal methamphetamine use74.

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that communicate information throughout the brain and the body. The delay in sending those messages means that the person’s eye muscle coordination becomes sluggish. At this point, the person experiences double vision or blurred vision. The short-term effects of alcohol on our vision include the blurring of vision, double vision, dryness of the eyes, twitching of the eyes, migraines etc. These are temporary, and usually go away completely a few hours after the cessation of drinking.

Crucial Information on the Connections Between Eyesight Conditions and Alcohol Use

And ​ andII II summarize the ocular manifestations of commonly abused drugs. These drugs can also be abused/misused, and drug effects on eye can occur in the form of pupil dilatation and precipitation of angle-closure glaucoma in predisposed individuals with narrow angles79. Promethazine because of anticholinergic property and phenylpropanolamine due to blurry vision after drinking alcohol sympathomimetic activity have been reported to cause acute angle-closure glaucoma80. Unpredictable and unwanted consequences of combination of alcohol with other drugs. A 24 yr old male with a visual acuity of 6/6 in both eyes with normal pupillary reactions but 45 prism dioptre of exotropia in the right eye with full extraocular movements in all gazes.

blurry vision after drinking alcohol

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